Become a DSE Author

How to become a DSE Author

DSE Authors are the members who provide the Articles/news about the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry to the DSE Board.

You can start right now by writing an Article about

Direct Selling / Network Marketing Industry

Article must be greater than 200 words giving the positive ethics and supporting all members in this industry.

References are required to assure that your Article is done in the right manner.

Direct Selling / Network Marketing Company

Article must be +300 words showing your company new products or latest news or global events/seminars with photos.

Positive Articles and news are accepted.

Send us the Article with your name, brief about yourself and your photo via E-mail:

If your Article proved its uniqueness through ratings and comments on the Article, DSE would contact you to become a DSE Author Member FOR FREE.

DSE Authors Membership Pricing

Grade DSE Type Number of Articles Duration Price
Grade A DSE Author (A) Over 100 Articles 1 Year $50
Grade B DSE Author (B) 51 to 75 Articles 1 Year $40
Grade C DSE Author (C) 26 to 50 Articles 1 Year $30
Grade D DSE Author (D) 10 to 25 Articles 1 Year $20
Grade E DSE Author (E) Under 10 Articles 1 Year $10

Any Articles about the Direct Selling or Network marketing Industry will be accepted and published without a membership.

Any Articles about any Company News or products must be published through a DSE Author at any Grade.

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