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DSE Companies

DSE Companies are verified Companies that are working with Direct Selling/ Network Marketing/ Multi-Level-Marketing Business Plans that are studied well in short, medium and long term, The Direct Selling Equity certify that Companies with the DSE CERTIFICATE that proves the inflow outflow calculations for the Company is fine and people can trust this company according to the DSE Professionals Calculations and Verifying its existence. The DSE CERTIFICATE can be embedded into the Company Website through HTML.

Members and Visitors are able to search for a Certificate on the DSE Website to assure that the Company is a real DSE Company or not.

HINT: The Direct Selling Equity is not responsible for any negative situation that a member can face with a DSE Company, DSE is eligible only to provide Certificate to the Company according to Legal Papers and Inflow Outflow Calculations in the mean time.

Send us your Company Registration Papers, Business Plan, About the Owner and his photo via E-mail:

Once our Professionals confirm your Inflow Outflow Calculations and your Company Legal Papers within 5 Business Days, The DSE will reply by E-mail for the final procedure to get your Company Verified with the DSE CERTIFICATE.

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