About DSE

About DSE

To your knowledge, there is no other Equity in the world like DSE. Even after 30 years, We Are Truly Unique.

The DSE is a non-profit, worldwide, and professional directory, started in 2014 by industry professionals, for Network Marketing / Affiliate Marketing / Direct Selling / Multi-Level Marketing Companies (Corporates), the Independent Contractors (Distributors) who sell a Company’s goods and services to the end consumer and the people who supply both the Companies and Distributors with those goods and services, the suppliers/vendors that we call (Support).

We are the only Equity that has members with all categories that serve the Direct Selling industry and the only Management that gives all an equal vote on its Board of Directors. We feel that all are important to the survival of what has been termed the last stronghold of the free enterprise system. Because all sides sit at the table together in good faith, much has been accomplished. Worldwide there are many thousands of members. We hope you will become a part of DSE and make it millions.

The Equity’s mission is “To stiffen Network Marketing Around the World” while bringing professionalism and credibility to the industry.

Our Code of Ethics, which each member pledges to uphold, is the DSE commitment to our fellow Members, other Network Marketers and the public we serve.

DSE Mission

To increase the credibility of the Industry through education
To improve the professionalism of our Members.
Establishing and enforcing industry ethics and standards
To make education an ongoing priority.

DSE Membership Categories

DSE Verified Companies: Corporate, Network Marketing/Direct Sales/MLM Companies.
DSE Verified Members: Individual/Distributors/Leaders of company affiliation
DSE Hall of Fame Members: Authors/Support/Presenter Membership.

The Direct Selling Equity (DSE) is a Non-Profit Professional Equity Directory uniquely representing all sectors of the Direct Selling and Network Marketing field on a world wide bases and recognizes all ethical companies, associations and people in the industry. DSE strongly supports its members.

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