Code of Ethics

DSE Code of Ethics

The Direct Selling Equity promises the highest ethical standards in the Network Marketing industry for itself, as well as its members.

While building your business for profit, DSE is making the Ethic Golden Rule for those around us that may also grow and profit.

While seeking rewarding methods for Network Marketing careers, we employ techniques and strategies that reflect positively on the MLM industry, your company and yourself.

I will familiarize myself with the rules and regulations of my company and will endeavor to comply with the spirit and letter of the law regarding my industry.

I will provide training and encouragement to those with whom I work, to the best of my ability.

While presenting my business opportunity to prospects in the best possible manner, I will accurately reflect earnings potential.

While recognizing other companies as competitors, I will maintain a loyalty to the MLM profession at large by demonstrating a professional and friendly attitude toward all Companies and Distributors.

When considering purchases, I will attempt to buy at retail from another MLM/Network Marketing company.

How to Choose the Right Direct Selling / Network Marketing Company?

1- Legality: The Company must be registered legally and officially in any country with a head office for managing the website.
2- History of Owners: The Owners of a Direct Selling Company must have a good history in this industry in order to provide the trust and the vision for all the members and newbies.
3- Code of Ethics: The Code of Ethics / Terms and Conditions must be available to everyone to check it at any time.
4- Money Worthy: Members must be able to pay money and get a product/service. not money for money.
5- Payment Processor: The Company must be allowing payments and withdrawals through Bank Wire at least. not between members (Money in & Money out easily).
6- Contracts: Members should be working with an official contract between the company and the member that is committed to protect the mutual rights.
7- Commission Plan: A Direct Selling/ Network Marketing Company that works with a commission plan shall assure its stability in the long-term through any associations or professionals or accounting people in order to save the opportunity for all of its members.

Those Points are provided according to the Direct Selling Equity CODS and do not represent any attack to any company, however you are eligible to utilize the DirectSellingEquity Code of Ethics as a reference for your DSE Verified Company! You can Click here to Become A DSE Company Today! to make your members happy with your company DSE Certificate!

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