DSE Founders

Mr./ Andy Morris is probably one of the most highly recognized in the world on Direct Sales / Multi-Level Marketing / Network Marketing. His love of, expertise in and dedication to the industry is based on over 30 years of successful, practical, hands on experience. Called, The Consultants Consultant, he is the speaker, author, trainer, marketer, business man and consultant of choice by start up ventures and co-operated with many Direct Selling and MLM companies globally.

His highly acclaimed international seminar series, titled “Your Dream Iz Achieved” is testimony of his proven methods on which he built a Million Dollar Distributorship and several multi million dollar companies.

Mr./ Andy has been part of Successful Network Marketing Sessions like: 8-Basics, How to Start and Manage Sales through Direct Selling/ Network Marketing/ MLM Companies.

Mr./ Andy has a unique background in Direct Sales (party plan) & Multi-Level Marketing including every field, staff and corporate level position known in the industry, from Distributor to Chairman of the Board of a Global Network Marketing Company. he gives credit to being trained by the very best to help make companies profitable. In the spirit of a true entrepreneur, he co-founded three MLM companies.

Mr./ Andy is leading the Direct Selling Equity in order to protect all the Network Marketers & Direct Sellers Rights in the Whole World through the right procedures and well manners according to the agreed Code of Ethics.

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