What is the DSE?

The DSE is referred to The Direct Selling Equity.

How can the DSE help me?

The DSE is here to Protect Members and Companies Rights.

How can I become a DSE Author Member?

Kindly check the DSE Authors Tab then open the BECOME A DSE Author MEMBER.

How can I become a DSE Member?

Kindly check the DSE Members Tab then open the BECOME A DSE MEMBER.

How can I register my company in the DSE?

Kindly check the DSE Companies Tab then open the BECOME A DSE Company.

How can I get my DSE Company CERTIFICATE?

You will find your Company Certificate available with the HTML in the DSE Companies. Copy Paste the HTML to embed into your Company Website.

Companies Pluses

  • DSE Company Certificate
  • Auto-Acceptance the Company Articles
  • Entering best Companies Voting every year

Members Pluses

  • DSE Membership Card
  • Able to Comment on Articles
  • Write testimonials and participate in voting

Tips & Highlights

DSE Verified Companies can use the DSE Logo on their Events’ Banners and send us the Event Photos to publish it. DSE Verified Members are eligible to do the same.

Your Rights

  • Working in a Safe Environment
  • Enjoying your full rights
  • DSE is here to provide the safe home
  • DSE Protects Your Rights

The richest man is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least…

More Pluses

Technology & Future: Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Sales Machine: Concentrate on the Ethics and you will find the Machine running.

DSE Members: DSE Members understand their Rights.

DSE Home: Now you got your new home.

DSE Authors: Write about this Industry and we will publish it.

Draw: Draw your Dreams to achieve them.

Support: Contact us at any time.

DSE Companies: DSE Companies are verified with the DSE CERTIFICATE of Trust.

Tools: Enjoy new Professional Tools to Download.

DSE Professionals: Calculating Inflow Outflow for each DSE Companies before Co-operation.

Belief: Believe in your Industry to achieve success.

DSE Bag: Companies winning at the DSE Voting will get the DSE Business Bag.

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