[heading]DSE Members[/heading]

DSE Members are the members that provide the power of the DSE in the Direct Selling and Network Marketing Industry.

As a DSE Member you are not only showing your dedication and support to this profession, but through your dues you can help improve the image and ethics of the industry. Most importantly, you nominate and elect your peer Council and Board of Directors that governs your Association both Regionally and Internationally and represents your personal and professional interests. As a DSE Member, you and your peers dictate what your Equity does, what services, programs and benefits your Equity provides beside the Global News for all the Network Marketing Companies Worldwide.


[heading]DSE Members Pluses[/heading][column width=”1/3″ position=”first” ][feat_text title=”Trusted ID” icon=”university”]Receive Your DSE Membership ID.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”none” ][feat_text title=”Write a Testimony” icon=”pencil”]Write Your Testimonial Now and get it published in the DSE Blog for Free.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”last” ] [feat_text title=”Review” icon=”brush”]Place your Review in Comments on your Company News.[/feat_text][/column][column width=”1/3″ position=”first” ][feat_text title=”Tools” icon=”download”]Download Training Tools at any time to write more professional basics.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”none” ][feat_text title=”Popularity” icon=”graph”]Get Free Attending and discounted Tickets in the DSE Global Meetings.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”last” ] [feat_text title=”Belief” icon=”heart”]Every single word you say must be 100% Belief in the DSE[/feat_text][/column]


[column width=”eight” position=”first” ][heading]As a DSE Member You Receive:[/heading]

Listing in the MLMIA’s online Support Directory! This includes your name, brief bio of company and a link to your web site.
Membership Certificate: Suitable for framing!
Code of Ethics: Suitable for framing!
The Right to complain a DSE Company.
DSE Verifiable Standards
Discounts to industry Trade Shows, Conferences both Nationally & Internationally
A subscription to an industry publication (DSE Magazine)
DSE logo download for use on your web site & other materials
Over 2 years audio of top industry Speakers, Trainers from TeleClasses
Article Archive of several years from other experts.
and a lot more! [/column]

[column width=”eight” position=”last” ][heading]IN ADDITION TO THAT BENEFITS…[/heading]

You may call us about anything in MLM and be assured of accurate, unbiased answers.
You are helping educate consumers about the many benefits of Network Marketing
Your dues are helping create a more positive image for the industry
Free conference calls and “go to your meeting” under the DSE banner
Help with merchant accounts and no cost mobile merchant accounts
Eligible to nominate and vote for (yourself included) Council & Board members and DSE recognition awards
Through your membership in DSE, which upholds integrity & ethical practices, you are actively helping rid the industry of people and companies who are unethical or misrepresent the Network Marketing concept. [/column]


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