Become a DSE Member

DSE Members

DSE Members are verified Members that are working in the Direct Selling/ Network Marketing/ Multi-Level-Marketing Industry that are Global Professionals, The Direct Selling Equity certify that Members with the DSE MEMBERSHIP CARD that people can trust them as the DSE is protecting their Rights. The DSE Membership Card is being shipped to DSE Members within 20 days from their activation date and DSE Members can show their DSE Membership Card at any meeting or Global DSE Events in order to get some Discount and Hot Offers.

Members and Visitors are able to search for a Certificate on the DSE Website to assure that a Company is a real DSE Company or not.


HINT: The Direct Selling Equity is not responsible for any negative situation that a member can face with a DSE Member, DSE is eligible only to provide Membership Card to the Members according to their Legal Papers and Official Work in the Industry

Send us your Legal Papers (Gov Id/Passport), Company Name that you are working in, Your Rank in the company or your Leadership, Brief about you and your photo via E-mail:

Once our Professionals confirm your Details within 5 Business Days, The DSE will reply to your E-mail for the easy final procedures to get your DSE Membership Card and Letter to your Home.

DSE Membership Pricing

Grade DSE Type Number of Distributors
in your Team
Duration Price
Grade A DSE Member (A) Over 20,000 Distributors 1 Year $1,000
Grade B DSE Member (B) 10,001 to 20,000 Distributors 1 Year $750
Grade C DSE Member (C) 5,001 to 10,000 Distributors 1 Year $500
Grade D DSE Member (D) 1,001 to 5,000 Distributors 1 Year $250
Grade E DSE Member (E) Under 1,000 Distributors 1 Year $100